The Romanian Center for Initiatives (RCI) is one of the most active NGOs in Romania, our activities carried on in areas ranging from training and conduct information campaigns to achieve  partnerships with key NGOs from Europe.

Our goal is to develop and promote action-oriented community development in socio-economic terms. We have relevant experience in running national and transnational projects that aim: to identify local and regional needs, present and future of education and training, required skills shortages in the labor market, developing a system for assessing the potential personal and professional development tracking .

In achieving this goal, The Romanian Center for Initiatives has clear objectives :

  • identifying and defining the problems faced by the community in various fields (education, environment, infrastructure, health, etc.) and providing solutions for this purpose;
  • supporting social, economic and cultural community by funding specific projects and programs;
  • helping people who have failed to gain a qualification to be formed on a particular area for a better insertion in the labor market;
  • funding programs to promote community structures;
  • facilitate access to information for community members, accurate and impartial information on them;
  • improving relations between local authorities and community members.

The Romanian Center for Initiatives runs a  European projects with a total value of over 50 million. Projects aimed both human resource development and the elimination of gender stereotypes in the labor market. On the one hand, the projects encourage employee participation programs in career guidance and counseling programs and extensive training /retraining, on the other hand – national campaigns promoting equal opportunities in the labor market.