Implemented projects

RCI provides a range of services and products offered to cover issues in diverse business environment . Our services are adapted to every client taking into account the objectives , regardless of the client : SMEs , NGOs , public administration, urban or rural .

Complete service packages offered are based on diagnostic, consulting , analysis , development and implementation , the company is backed by a well-implemented technical support and experienced staff .


  • CRI offers consultancy for accessing refundable and non-refundable finances through :



  • Identifying sources of funding and programmes applicable to each category of applicant
  • Information on funding opportunities
  • Identification of eligible themes of interest to NGOs, economic operators, public authorities
  • Partnerships proposals in the projects and programmes framework

Conception and development

concepere si elaborare

  • Opportunity studies
  • European financing documentation (request for funding and annexes)
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Financial analysis
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Risk and sensitivity analyses



  • Preparing and coordinating of contracting of financing
  • Inception and coordination of procurement documentation
  • Drawing up quarterly and final technical reports
  • Quarterly financial reports and final provisions
  • Preparing payment requests
  • Technical and financial management of the project

Financial services

  • Financial and accounting expertise
  • Personal services-payroll
  • Evaluation of company's assets
  • Internal Audit
  • Censorship activity
  • Advice, assistance and financial and economic analysis and fiscal
  • Advise and assist management and financial management services

Marketing consultancy

  • Complex Marketing Research
  • Marketing and management studies and strategy
  • Research about business, economic and competitive environment context
  • Studies on market forecasts
  • Studies and assist in the launching and distribution of products on the market
  • Studies for the promotion
  • Price strategies
  • Opportunity studies
  • Support for market company entrance
  • Promotion and symposia